Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Abry Brothers Foundation repair is the oldest and most experienced foundation repair and house leveling company in the country. Our service areas for foundation repair include:

We perform concrete foundation repair, house leveling, structural repair, and drainage services.

Abry Brothers Foundation Repair Dallas has been in the business for over 175 years, since 1840. Through six generation, we continue our dedication to excellence, which has allowed us to become the leader in our industry. It would be our pleasure to continue that tradition by serving you and your family today in your foundation repair Houston needs. We have had the opportunity and privilege to work on many historical buildings and their in which we performed many of our valued services.

Climate Conditions Can Cause Foundation Problems

Hot climate weather is one of the leading causes of foundation cracks.  The soil will begin to shrink as the temparature rises, along with dry winds, by causing evaporation of moisture in the soil.  The foundation will then sink, in particularly if there are voids in the space between the dirt and the footings, by compromising the strengh of the foundation.

Homes in the Dallas and Fort Worth area have had problems due to their Summer temperatures, in particular homes that have concrete slab foundations.

Soil Conditions Can Cause Foundation Problems

Soil conditions will also have an affect towards foundation problems, which leads to a need of foundation repair Houston, since it lays around the home’s foundation. Since there will be constant changes on the soil under and around the propery, it will lead the foundation to crack, settle or even shift. Over the years we have seen that many causes of foundation problems are related to the soil around it.

In areas with expansive clay soils, this is a common cause of foundation problems. Soils with high clay content absorb more water than other soils. This causes the soil to expand when wet. The wet, expansive soil then pushes upward on the foundation. When the soil dries, the foundation settles. This continuous foundation movement can result in cracks and other damage, which will lead for a need for foundation repair.

Cost of Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair cost is usually one of the most important aspects in choosing a foundation repair Houston company.  It is important to undestand what goes behind the cost of any foundation repair Dallas project, so you are better informed when choosing a foundation repair Dallas company.

There are many factors involved when determining the cost of foundation repair. Abry Brothers Foundation Repair Houston will inspect your property for possible foundation problems, using numerous point factor, which will give us a full and complete inspection to secure the best solution at the most affordable cost.

Free Foundation Repair Estimate

As you begin to notice foundation repair problems in both inside and out, it is imperative to act quickly, so you can have a peace of mind that your property will be structurally sound and safe for your family.

As the leader in our industry, we offer a wide range of beneficial and affordable services to homeowners. If you have cracks, foundation settlement, concrete foundation repair, slap repair, sinking, doors sticking, drainage issues and you want to know the foundation repair cost, please Call Us to have one of our experience inspectors come out and evaluate your home or commercial property.

Our ability to identify foundation problems in both residential and commercial properties has allowed us to save customers thousands of dollars in foundation repair, in addition to reducing your homes insurance premiums and give them and their families a peace of mind.

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